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Organization for mental health

When you think about organization, your mind likely thinks about finding the perfect containers and having a place for everything so that your home can look and function beautifully. Is all of that wonderful and a huge part of the service we offer as professional organizers? Absolutely!! …but I do not consider those more marketed benefits of organization the most important services we deliver to our clients. What do I value as the top benefit of organizing your home? Improving your mental health.

Life can be tough. It’s a journey and sometimes the hardships outweigh the celebrations. We are often forced to cope with loss, trauma, anxiety, depression, and/or medical issues. Sometimes our situations are very public and other times we hide them. When we struggle, getting the help we need is crucial to our mental health, but asking someone to come in and evaluate disorganization in our homes often makes us feel incredibly embarrassed and vulnerable and can further feelings of depression and hopelessness.

Keeping a home maintained and organized when life is good can be tricky, but when life is tough, completely new challenges arise. Decision making can be exhausting. Things often accumulate, adding to a whole host of other challenges.

One of the most important messages we try to deliver to clients is that we always want to help and we will never judge you. We don’t view your home like you do. We see organization as part of a healing process. As clients are ready, we find solutions and restore order to your home. That may include deciding what items should move on from your life. It may mean getting your paperwork under control. It may mean clearing garbage and recycling from your home. A common question that arises in people's minds is how we can help organize or find solutions when the client doesn't know where to begin?" From my perspective, the process just naturally evolves. We listen to our clients, follow their verbal and nonverbal cues, and evaluate their space. We work diligently and patiently to create a plan that works for each individual client.

Organization brings clarity and hope to many. It’s a lifting process that sets the groundwork for other forms of healing in your life. Many of my clients have mentioned that they feel healthier after our sessions and become motivated to take steps toward goals that they had previously given up on.

Please know that most organizers do what they do because they strive for their clients to be happier in their homes. If anything written here seems relevant to you, please don’t hesitate to message us. Let us begin your journey toward finding peace and comfort in your home.

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